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  TBSC  - The Blue Software Company -   offers practical solutions, soft-
  ware and services for the small business and the individual computer user 
Our products are true "building blocks" in the office of a small business and go beyond what is usually offered by similar applications. They are also practical and allow for data processing and information retrieval by the end user. 

Let's face it: many of us are too much concerned with the computer hardware and software itself instead of looking after their "data". This might be partly acceptable in the bigger company, because they have the staff resources to manage and balance this - however in the smaller company there is simply not the time to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments. 

We have not tried to create mammoth applications with all features you can think of - but we have designed our applications in such a way that they allow you to "re-use" your data in many ways and with many other applications in a realistic manner and what is actually required in an office environment ( practical tasks ! ) 
This is made possible with the careful selection of complementing software packages (mostly freeware, open source, public domain) which can be called from within our programs.

We have written simple applications - these are not highly sophisticated programming exercises; we want that our users actually work with them and know what is happening on their PCs..


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"MyAddress & Contact Data !" 
"Mailing List Application" 

"MyNet - Anywhere !" 

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