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Practical software, services and solutions for the small business
and the individual computer user - world wide !

 INSTALLATION of an "evaluation copy" of   "MyNet - Anywhere !"


[ There is NO real difference between the installation of an "evaluation copy" and the "real" application - all existing data can be re-used (only the file "mynet.exe" will be replaced via a simple copy command. ]

 See also our notes about the necessary copy protection at the end of this item ..


Before you implement  your " LIVE " version - we strongly recommend to install an EVALUATION COPY first and try out all the features of the application.

Also: to get a feeling for the application (and the subjects we are dealing with) download a copy of "My Info ..." first and install it as described. It contains the basic functions of "MyNet - Anywhere!" - you can re-use your data by copying all files with the extension ' .tps ' to the folder where you have installed "MyNet - Anywhere!".


The installation procedures  ...

Because of the practical implications for our target group we have chosen a new way to install our application(s). We have found it much more suitable than all the other setup and installation routines we know about.

The approach we have taken is forward thinking because it considers the aspects of data security and better data management by providing transparency during the installation process (but also that a person with common sense can follow things up).

There are absolutely NO changes to system files, registry etc. whatsoever performed - everything is transparent to you !


Let's go to work   ....

You will  need to download the following file from our web site to perform an installation.

 "MyNet - Anywhere !"    (usually contains also: and

 [ download file: , unzip it but keep the folder names as suggested ]

Read the following pages FIRST and preferably print them out:

 readme_mynet.html      faq_english.html



The files:  browsers.tps    (a list with the web browsers you use)
               viewers.tps      (a list with external file viewer applications)

are used in several of our applications. This means: if you install for example "MyAddress & Contact Data" after you have installed "MyNet - Anywhere" ( or vice versa ) it could be that these files are overwritten with our demo data. If you have performed regular backups you can copy both files from the backup folder:  c:\bu_tbsc\data\mynet  into: c:\tbsc again.


Next Step :

Copy the file:   mnfloppy.exe   to:   c:\tbsc\mnfloppy (if it is not already there) and then  DELETE  it in:  c:\tbsc.

If not already done so before copy also ALL the .dll files in c:\tbsc :   cw2run32.dll,  cw2tps32.dll  etc. to:  c:\tbsc\mnfloppy  - but leave them in:  c:\tbsc

These steps allow you to setup and run the basic evaluation copy !

Please - read now the following page (and preferably print it out)



Further steps:

( 1 )

There is a file: in the evaluation copy - please keep it for later. When you are finished with the evaluation copy and want to enter your own data: just unzip this file and overwrite the existing demo data. In some cases of general interest we have left some entries: countries.tps is such an example, where we have filled the file with all country relevant data (this saves you to enter the data by yourself).

( 2 )

Go to:

and download  there the recommended freeware tools.

Don't forget to rename the executables into:

viewer01.exe                    for the IRFAN Viewer (
print01.exe                       for the PRINT FILE Utility (
disksp01.exe                    for the DISK SPLITTING Utility (splitter.exe)


with the Copy command and pasting them back into the same folder, then rename the files copied back to: search01.exe  etc.

In case you don't install them into our suggested folder structure then don't forget to add their path(s) to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

All these applications can be called from the TOOLS menu.

Use the provided file:  path.txt   to give you an idea how to change the path statement in your autoexec.bat file.


In case you want to use other or similar tools for use with our application you can take the same approach.


Then there are some tools which are more related to secure the functioning of your system:

 tpsfix.exe   (called from:  File / File Repair Utility)                      (download and install under c:\tbsc)

 The Topscan Utility                                                              (download and install under c:\tbsc)
 {called from:  File / Database Scanner  .... )

Download them too and study the help pages. Especially the TOPSCAN Utility is very useful.

This should be so fairly everything what has to be installed as far as external applications are concerned !
( you can accomodate nine other external applications under the External Menu if you want to )


There is a FREEWARE Report Writer integrated into our application which was brought to the world by:

OLEG  FOMIN  from Russia  -  his contact details are under ABOUT in the HELP section of the INTERNAL REPORTWRITER. Thanks Oleg for your permission to use it freely !

You call it from the last menu items in the INTERNET and in the E-MAIL menu ( Internal Reportwriter ).

Under "external" Reportwriter you can allocate a report writer of your choice - we are using CRYSTAL REPORTS (version 4.5 or so which was some years ago distributed as a FREEWARE promotion tool on a cover CD ROM by PC Pro Magazine. If you are interested please enquire with us about it (registered users only).

When everything is set up and tried you should have a major "building block" for better and easier retrieval of data and information from the Internet.

A good understanding of your File Management Tool (like MS-Explorer) is very helpful.

At   we have found a great booklet which will help with the subject. Please download the file:   from our web site.

A listing of the file  folder.bat  which creates the necessary folder structure on your hard disk. You can change this according to your requirements - but you should leave the top level: c:\tbsc .

[ Please study the booklet from KNOWWAREGLOBAL if you want to know more how this works. ]

Explanations about the commands are in:    faq_english.html

md bu_tbsc
md data
md addr
md mail
md mynet
md finan
md project
md grmc
md tbsc
md backup
md backupjobs
md calc
md catalog
md disksplit
md explorer
md extern1
md data
md extern2
md data
md extern3
md data
md extern4
md data
md extern5
md data
md extern6
md data
cd extern7
md data
cd extern8
md data
cd extern9
md data
md extern01
md data
md extern02
md data
md extern03
md data
md extern04
md data
md extern05
md data
md extern06
md data
cd extern07
md data
md extern08
md data
md extern09
md data
md mnfloppy
md myaddr
md addrback
md backup
md mynet
md backup
md download
md exe
md html
md webpage1
md webpage2
md webpage3
md webpage4
md webpage5
md webpage6
md webpage7
md webpage8
md webpage9
md images
md pdf
md richtext
md sound
md techdraw
md text
md video
md install
md moredocs
md samples
md temp
md viewer
md odbc
md query1
md query2
md query3
md odbcfiles
md organize
md printtxt
md Reports
md search
md spreadsh
md viewer
md word


To un-install the entire application - simply  delete the folder c:\tbsc - your data files are also backed up in folder: c:\bu_tbsc. HOWEVER - this deletes ALL applications you might have from us.

You can delete selectively only the applications you no longer want (mynet.exe, address.exe etc.)

We strongly recommend a folder protection utility with password access, in case the kids are starting mucking around with your PC - this risk is always present in smaller businesses (but also in the big company).    offers a FREEWARE version protecting just a folder like  c:\tbsc

See their download area !         The program is called:  Encryption Plus Folders Freeware


Copy Protection against unlicensed use of our applications

Any application you purchase from us will be individualized and then send to you by e-mail, by mail, by courier or as agreed.

Our applications are protected by certain measures against unlicensed (non-agreed) multiple copying.

First of all there is on the right side of the toolbar (below the menu) a button with the  " i "  symbol on it.  If you click on it then a similar window like in the evaluation copy is shown.

It displays information about the registered user of our software in an unobtrusive way (the information is not always visible and disappears when clicking on the window). However the information displayed is "hardwired" and cannot be removed without destroying the entire program.

There are also some features built-in to prevent non-agreed multiple copying of our applications (depending on the number of licenses you have purchased).

It makes absolutely NO sense to give away copies of a licensed application to others because the application will stop working after a certain number of days and/or when a certain number of records has been reached. This renders the software useless for any third party who does not own a license.

An unlicensed or pirated copy can also be recognized when you look at the TITLE bar at the main window. If there is a difference between the company / person using the software on this machine and the company / person listed at the top - then the software is probably NOT licensed to this company / person.

If you see our application running on a machine - but the licensed owner shown is different from the person / company using the application then we would appreciate if you drop us a line (also anonymous - we assure 100 % confidentiality).

We will certainly ask the licensed owner for an explanation how his/her  registered copy could have fallen into the wrong hands. Because only our customer could have received the individualized application (and has paid for the license) he/she is certainly interested in the protection of the investment and that the application is not used by third parties.

This way we have achieved a simple but useful copy protection - also: no one wants that his personal details to fall into the wrong hands and will therefore protect the software against misuse.

It is standard procedure that the name and contact details of the legal licensee will appear in the TITLE bar and/or in the information screen - however in cases where several people have access to - or are using - the same machine it might not be appropriate that order details appear in the program. This will be handled on a case to case basis.

[ Without this type of  "copy protection"  we would not be in a position to offer our customers such reasonable prices. Thank you for your understanding. ]

On the other hand: our target group are small / medium sized businesses and individual computer users. If they have more than one machine or running a small network we are quite happy to make them a VERY fair price for using our applications on several machines. Just let us know the number of machines you want to use it on.

The press is full with reports about new ways to license, to register, and to "activate" software nowadays (speak: squeezing more money out of the customer). We know many of our customers and have built up over time a good relationship with them (even if it is only by e-mail or over the phone).

To be honest: we actually have no time to invent new gimmicks to make our customers life difficult. We trust you from the moment we receive your order and that you will provide us with the right number of machines in use !

The rules are simple:

If you have 1 desktop PC at the office plus a notebook for the road and/or a machine at home:
1 license

If you have 1 notebook at the office plus a machine at home:
1 license

If you have 2 or more desktop PCs or notebooks at the office + one notebook for the road and/or a machine at home:
2 or more licenses

If you have a network with a server and ten machines then it comes to 11 licenses (one for the server and ten for the connected machines) - NO additional licenses are required for one notebook for use on the road and/or one machine at home.

Your input and tips will help us to improve our applications for the benefit of all our users - so we welcome your feedback - but also constructive critic. Please contact us via e-mail from the Home Page.

TBSC  -   The Blue Software Company
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Practical software, services and solutions for the small business
and the individual computer user - world wide !