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TBSC - The Blue Software Company - an introduction

Added : (Sat Apr 27 2002) 


This is an area often neglected - we rarely read about successful IT implementations in a small business. There are thousands of books available about any conceivable subject in computer hardware and software - but practical "data processing" in the small business .... there is not much to be found. 

(Small) Business Associations and similar organizations often don't have sufficient information available on their web sites covering the practical aspects of computing in the small business, esp. as far as the planning of the hardware configuration, the software purchase and the practical implementation are concerned. We also think too much emphasis is put on the tools itself (the hardware and the operating system). 

With our web site we want to support esp. the small business owner with practical resources and tools. 

We have developed a range of "practical" software applications for our target group: small businesses, SOHOs and individual computer users allowing them to gather important data from different areas in their businesses. 

Our applications are simple "building blocks" helping our target group to develop their own individual framework to gather, enter, process and distribute their data and information. 

These are practical tools reflecting the realities in the office of the small business. They are working together; but they are not a suite of - in practice mostly unrelated - applications (many small businesses are using only the word processor facilities from an office suite anyway). 

Our applications are working together with other software on the market - often FREEWARE - by utilizing "data export facilities", ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity) to allow for the development of practical and transparent "data processing" and "information retrieval" tasks. 

The transfer of data collected with our applications into a spreadsheet or into a word processor for further processing (mail merge, querying, label printing, development of a specialized spreadsheet utilizing existing data) has been made fairly easy for our customers - we have provided a lot of information on our web site, also sources to learn the basics. 

It is a fact - and we see it in many countries - the underlying basics how to perform practical "data processing" in the small business are not known / understood. One of the reasons is of course that they have not been taught as part of the school / vocational training in the past - the other major point is that too much emphasis has been given to the PC environment (hardware, software, operating systems). All this has put enormous pressure on every user over the last years - not to mention the management of a small business - to keep pace. Training offered is mostly "application centric" - the practice connection between software application and the actual tasks to be performed everyday in an office is often not there. 

Here we want to help and contribute with our applications and services. 

Thank you for your interest and time. 


Please visit our web site at: or: or: 


Please e-mail us your questions to: 

Please send always a copy of your message to: 

... just in case the original message gets lost. 

Before sending any attachments PLEASE advise us 
about the size of the attachment(s) and we will 
tell you where to send them. 

Thanks for your consideration. 


A short introduction to our applications ... 

"MyNet - Anywhere!" is - together with its FREE companion "MyNet - on a Floppy" - the ideal tool for everyone who has to gather relevant facts (data, information, documents, images etc.) from any web site for further research, processing and true information retrieval in a structured manner. 

It is an easy to use practical solution which acts like a framework going beyond a "download manager", a "bookmark file" or other tools gathering page content from web sites. 

You download and collect only the relevant facts / data you need. 

It works together with many FREEWARE tools which are available on the market to complement the processing tasks. Example: You can choose any "image viewer" application you like and call it from within "MyNet - Anywhere!". Any external application called is working independently from "MyNet - Anywhere!" and in its own environment. 

"MyNet - Anywhere!" makes also use of the existing File Management tools (integrated with the Operating System) or third party products to allow for a more structured data storage and information retrieval process. 

The application is esp. suitable for educators, teachers, researchers etc. who need to retrieve comprehensive data from the Internet, then further process it and distribute their results in the form of "MyNet - on a Floppy" (smaller projects fit on one 1.44 MB floppy disk). The results can also be uploaded on a web site in the form of "MyNet - on a Floppy" (maybe protected by a password) for immediate download and further processing by anyone else in the world who needs the data and information extracted which is presented in a contextual manner. The built-in report writer makes this task even more appealing. 

Please download an evaluation copy from our web site at: or: or download directly: 

or if you have already been on our web site go to directly to the product specific introduction at: 


"MyAddress & Contact Data!" is based on the practical requirements in the small/medium sized business. It allows for easy data entry of address, e-mail and other contact information, the storage and the allocation of images, maps, documents, drawings of all kind to the address records. 

We recommend to visit our web site regarding these practical features. 

Further processing of your data is possible via ODBC and exporting, also: querying your data with SQL, mail merge and label printing with other applications (see our web site for practical recommendations). An internal easy to use Report Writer is included. 

Our application "Mailing List PLUS" can be used from within this application. 

There is also the free Viewer application available ( which can save a lot of expenses for additional packages / licenses. 

Please visit our web site for further information and download an evaluation copy at: or: or download directly: 

or if you have already been on our web site go to directly to the product specific introduction at: 


The application: "Mailing List PLUS" is an easy to use practical application to support the marketing efforts of small businesses, hotels, tourist industry and many others. 

Features also: data "export", internal Reportwriter. Data can be further processed with other applications via ODBC, exporting; SQL queries, mail merge, label printing etc. are also possible (see our web site for more information). 

The application can be used together with "MyAddress & Contact Data!" - the underlying data structures are identical. 

Please download an evaluation copy from our web site at: or: or download directly: 

or if you have already been on our web site go to directly to the product specific introduction at: 


The requirements of our target markets are similar world wide - here are some of them: 

REAL ESTATE ----> esp. the individual agent (for his individual requirements) 

"MyAddress & Contact Data!" is useful for the individual agent to have everything together: 
Vendor data, prospect data, photos, maps plus all necessary docs in a structured manner. The Mailing List application can be used seasonal and "MyNet - Anywhere!" is the ideal tool to manage the contents of web sites, also to monitor the competition (and have the facts together). 

LAWYERS ----> small practice, individual 

"MyAddress & Contact Data!" is useful for the small practice because it allows for simple client administration and document management. 

HOTELS -----> individual end of season marketing tasks 

"Mailing List PLUS" is an ideal tool - esp. at the end of the season - to stay in touch with your guests (regulars or first time visitors). 

CHARITIES, CHURCHES and similar organizations 

can use "MyAddress & Contact Data" to support their marketing efforts, esp. in connection with the Mailing List application it is a kind of "customer relationship management" (and there are many additional FREEWARE tools on our web site to do this at a fairly sophicated level based on the underlying data provided by our applications. 


.. for them "MyNet - Anywhere!" is a great tool for teachers to retrieve and gather information from the Internet which can then used in the classroom with the FREE viewer application "MyNet - on a Floppy!". The students can even take home "their" information on disk for further studying or it can be put on a schools web site. The Mailing List application is also a useful tool to manage newsletters etc. 

EMERGENCY SERVICES, POLICE, GPs - General Practioners ... etc. 

Smaller units can make good use of "MyAddress & Contact Data!" to keep track of individuals and collect information about them. Landlords of larger office buildings can use it to administer some essential emergency data about the staff at their tenants offices (preferably not keeping the data in the same building in case of fire or worse ...). 

There will certainly new markets be developed over time. For more details please visit our web site. More applications are under development - also in other languages (see the information on our web site). 


We are looking for resellers world wide, esp. in developing countries. NO OUTLAY required, generous commission (up to 30 % of individual product price - see our web site), NO contracts to sign etc. - every computer dealer/computer consultant can join. If you are a dealer: You can sell our products together with new or used equipment; if you are a consultant: you can sell to your customers, esp. the small business, start ups and individual users. 

Please inquire by e-mail to: (subject line: Reseller) to discuss details. The arrangement of country specific prices is possible, but need to be discussed. 

Our products are also listed on: (search for: MyAddress, MyNet ...) 

Thank you for your interest and time. 


"TBSC - The Blue Software Company" is also active in helping to overcome the so-called "digital divide". 

We are a partner of ONEWORLD NET ( ) 

Please visit our web site at: 

to see for yourself of how much benefit the resources offered could be for our target group: educational institutions, small businesses, individual computer users in developing countries and disadvantaged regions of our world. 

The whole project depends on the willingness of everyone to inform those who need our initiative and services and actually let them know. 

The international press plays an important part to help us to help others. We would appreciate your feedback, help and support to make the project known. Thank you. 

Submitted by: Joe Meler

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