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TBSC  -   The Blue Software Company
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Practical software, services and solutions for the small business
and the individual computer user - world wide !

Future Employment opportunities

It is an important goal for us to build permanent and sustainable work places for the future - we will put this above "profit making".

However - because we are a small team at this stage (and world wide distributed) we have to build up sufficient financial resources first which allow us to grow and to permanently employ people interested to work with us. Depending on our initial success we will achieve this in 2002 / 2003.


WHO are the people we will be looking for in the near future ?

A good combination of some of the following attributes, training, skills and experience will be required:

- native speakers in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian with English as a second language
- people who are native speakers of Dutch and Scandinavian languages with English as a second language
- people who know not only their home country (or a region) from a business perspective but
   who also able to build up the business in these countries/regions and want to become partners / distributors
- a background in computing and electronic data processing through tertiary education
- some years experience in the development of relational databases (DBMS) - also with older systems
   like Clipper, dBASE, Superbase and others
- knowledge of CLARION for Windows would be an advantage (we can provide you with training material
   to get into it)
- more than a decade of practical work experience in small / medium sized businesses in middle / upper
   management positions (marketing, financial controlling)

We will provide detailed job descriptions in this space in due course when the positions are actually available.

Please - contact us right now if you have ideas how to introduce our business in your country.

Thank you.


A new way to apply for a position  ...

We all know that everything what is written in a CV is carefully analyzed by a prospective employer. Even if the ad says that there is no gender bias, no age restriction etc. - we all know that it is not quite true. The reality is also that for one job there are probably many applicants where an prospective employer has to choose from.

Therefore we were asking ourselves how can we be more objective when dealing with people wanting to work with us.

We are considering several steps necessary during this process:

( 1 )

We will clearly define on this web site what we are looking for in terms of skills, experience etc.

NOT just ad style - but job description, salary etc. and: NO agency style bla, bla, bla  ...

( 2 )

To make an unbiased decision whom of the applicants we will consider we ask you to submit your letter of application / CV or profile by e-mail WITHOUT mentioning the following:

- your gender
- your race or nationality
- your age / date of birth
- your marital status / children
- naming your previous employers or references
- your income / financial circumstances at this stage
- if you have any handicaps (if they are not influencing your ability to do the job offered)
- any existing police record (apart from serious crimes)
- smoker or non-smoker is also irrelevant

Please - DON'T send / attach a photo of yourself ! Like anyone else we might judge someone from a photo provided - we want to avoid this under all circumstances. Thank you.

In case the work can be done 100 % by telework the location where you live doesn't matter either.
A current work permit / permanent residency might be a prerequisite for employment in some countries.

We probably want to know more at the time of an interview - but we want to be as objective as possible during the (pre)selection process to give everyone a fair deal.

According to our position description you will have to convince us that you are the right person to do the job (we will put in all our efforts to describe it as good as possible). But please: don't put hours of your valuable time into this. If you are good, if you are the right person for the job - then we read it between the lines.

( 3 )

Each application will be given a number in our confirmation by e-mail. We will then list on our web site the total number of applications received, how many people we will short list and the number of those selected for an interview (if applicable or necessary).

If there are twenty people already listed then you might well think that you save your valuable time before putting all your efforts and time into applying. On the other hand: if you are the right person you will convince us.

It is not easy for you and not easy for us ....  if you have ANY ideas how to make this a less painful process for all parties involved please let us know. We appreciate your advice.

Some valuable links :

  Tele Work

Please come back to check from time to time. Thank you.

further subjects in planning :

Our business philosophy

TBSC  -   The Blue Software Company
 Home Page   Order Information   Partners / Employmt. 
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Practical software, services and solutions for the small business
and the individual computer user - world wide !