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Using "MyNet - Anywhere!" in practice  ....
[ Example: chemistry freeware resources ]

Chemistry links (focus on FREEWARE resources)

The following web links regarding "chemistry resources" with a focus on "chemistry freeware" is similar to the typical representation in a bookmark file maintained by a an advanced user (academic staff member, student etc.).

The number of basic links ( ~ 35) could represent the starting point for a typical project in "MyNet - Anywhere!".

Using our application "MyNet - Anywhere!" only the interesting pages, subjects, software, manuals, files etc . could be downloaded, presented and distributed in the form of "MyNet - on a Floppy!" depending on the subject(s) to be taught.

The time savings are huge, esp. for students because they only have to go through the relevant items and not through a link list, without scribbling hundreds of notes by each and everyone etc.

Even based on such a small number of links it is possible that the project to be distributed contains several hundred records (web pages, individual files).

I am not involved in chemistry (nor do I have the background to assess from a professional point of view what is offered on the sites listed below), but based on the following link list - and I had a good look at each site - I would build up the following "Categories" within "MyNet - Anywhere!" to store the relevant pages, files, data and information:

Chemistry - Resources - Software - Freeware
Chemistry - Resources - Software - Shareware
Chemistry - Resources - Software - Commercial
Chemistry - Resources - Software - Web based applications
Chemistry - Resources - Software - Manuals
Chemistry - Resources - Software - Download Sites
Chemistry - Resources - Software - Companies
Chemistry - Resources - Software - Literature (general)


The following links are useful resources for academic staff and students alike. Based on them it is possible to create a project with "MyNet - Anywhere!" containing only the relevant facts, data and information to cover most of  what can be said about "chemistry freeware" available worldwide.

(Commercial site, however: FREE registration recommend - has huge benefits !)
(Apple Mac Software)
(Chemistry Assistant - great !)
(also for Mac Users)

Some of my favourite scientific software links:

(great for evaluation copies and to learn about the products - they will send you a CD-ROM )

(evaluation copies are also available on CD-ROM)


We all evaluate "time limited" software here and then; but - like always - time is running out and we couldn't evaluate the package in full. It happens to everyone.

This was the reason why we did not put any time limits on our little tools. Timelimits on evaluation copies can however often be extended (usually of course only for the same time period) by uninstalling the software and creating a new registry with the following software:

Registry Optimizer from:

and then re-installing the software.