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TBSC  -   The Blue Software Company
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Practical software, services and solutions for the small business
and the individual computer user - world wide !

Acknowledgements and Thanks


Dedications  ...

I dedicate this web site and all the work I have done over the last years to my wife


I couldn't have done it without her support and her PATIENCE !  I know it was - and still is - a tough time for her !


I also dedicate it to the younger generation of computer users. On this occasion I want to mention our two gorgeous nieces  ..

[ Meine Gedanken sind aber auch bei der jüngeren Generation von Computerbenutzern, und ganz besonders denke ich da natürlich an unsere beiden Nichten in Deutschland  ...  ]

Helena (Lenchen)  and  Nanette;  they are living in:     Bad Vilbel - Dortelweil, Germany

[ Ich hoffe, daß ihr Interesse geweckt ist und daß sie die sich ständig entwickelnde Technology für ihre weitere Ausbildung und persönliche Entwicklung bestens nutzen werden. Ihre Chancen sind ungleich größer wie die, die meine Generation vor einigen Jahrzehnten hatte. ]

I hope that their interest and their enthusiasm will continue to grow; and that they will make the best out of the chances the Internet is offering to them as far as education, training and personal development are concerned.

[ And I hope that we will see you soon - we both love you very much !  ]


Acknowledgements and thanks  ...

I have experienced it myself during the last years that there is more to writing a really useful application than just putting some pieces of code together.

Working for more than three decades in the field of business systems analysis, computing and electronic data processing has certainly given me a lot of practical experience - however there is always something new to learn and something to improve.


Firstly I want to thank my wife   Claire.

Looking back I cannot even imagine what she has gone through when bringing so much personal sacrifices for her husbands' profession and ambitions. I want to thank her for her patience, support und caring for everything else at home when I was working on my applications.  She was and continues to be more supportive than I ever thought possible.

Thank you so much my love !


I also want to thank all the people who have supported me in many ways and helped me to make my work known. They are too numerous to mention - you know who you are and thanks to all of you wherever you are in the world.

I want to thank SoftVelocity / TOPSPEED Corporation, Pompano Beach, Florida, USA for providing such excellent tools to the software developer community.

My special  thanks go to Kevin Dunsford - their local distributor - for his support and readiness to answer all my questions and for keeping me up to date about these tools.

A BIG "Thank you" also goes to Tom Moseley and Jim DeFabia from TOPSPEED Corporation - their book has helped me to take the first hurdles when starting to develop with the tools from TOPSPEED Corporation some years ago.

SoftVelocitys / TOPSPEEDs web site can be found at:
And then there are the many developers who have produced excellent FREEWARE / SHAREWARE for the world and esp. for our target group.

One outstanding example is:

Oleg Fomin

from Russia who has provided the FREE Reportwriter for integration into our applications. His contact details are in the Help splash screen of the integrated Report Writer we use.

We are just getting in touch with him - and maybe there are ways we can work together for the mutual benefit.


There are people whose web sites are truly inspirational among all the hype over e-commerce, knowledge economy / society and other buzzwords  ... they are standing out like the site of Paul Strassmann.

If I am looking for some inspiration in our field - I always come back to his site at - the web site of:   Paul STRASSMANN

His items keep me sane and give me the feeling that I am not alone when trying to apply some common sense in our professional field.


Wishes and hopes  ...

I hope that our applications are useful for you, that they save you a lot of time by applying a more structured and practical approach when exploring the Internet and other resources.

"MyNet - ANYWHERE !" for example is based on my own experience and dissatisfaction with the approach taken by other tools.

Using my own application I have experienced a huge reduction in time spent when exploring the web (time was lost because of
unnecessary searches, unnecessary tasks to collate the same data and information over and over again, information was lost etc.).

The application does not have many bells and whistles, I have kept it simple (and it doesn't replace your browser and e-mail applications).

It is intended as a bridge between you and your computer (fulfilling a similar function like basic arithmetic rules which must be known before you key in the numbers into a calculator to get some results).

Getting the facts together in an easy manner could be the way to develop what they call the new "knowledge society / economy" - it might take a while to get there. The foundations have to be laid at early stages in our lives.

Nobody is perfect - even with all the efforts put in to test the application thoroughly - there might be the one or other improvement or a feature you want to see. Please let me know about them and e-mail me.

If you are happy with the approach I have taken - then please let me know too.

Last - but not least - I want to mention that the internet has - even more than TV - brought the world closer to our homes - wherever we are.

We should however NOT forget that around one sixth of the world population lives in incredible poverty and that there is the sheer terror against humanity in many countries.

Please spend some minutes of your time to visit also the following web sites :

 - the web site of:  AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL

  -  the web site of the:   UNITED NATIONS

And then there is a support project we are setting up:

We might be able to help to change the world for the better utilizing the basic thoughts laid down on this page - what we are also doing is to put them in action. But we need your help to make it happen. Thank you for your interest and time.

Last but not least we want you to visit the following web site - it is a kind of personal plea by the author of this web site who has had the chance to go through life so far without any serious illness.  If you are living in the Pacific Rim region - please visit the following web site and write to Wolfgang who has suffered a stroke some years ago. You might be able to help him with his unique efforts for others to overcome their isolation - maybe you have seen his story on 20/20.
  PLEASE visit also the following web site: 
  Computers against Isolation   an initiative by Wolfgang 
 Haufe, Auckland (New Zealand) to help stroke victims.
 He is himself a stroke survivor and has dedicated his time to  
 help others to overcome the isolation. Please contact him  
 at:  after visiting his site. Thank you !

Thank you !

Have a great day - wherever you are in the world !

TBSC  -   The Blue Software Company
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Practical software, services and solutions for the small business
and the individual computer user - world wide !